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5 ways to better yourself

Here are a few ideas that can help you become better.  Hopefully, you can take a few of these and add them to your daily routine and they will work for you.

1. Push yourself to be more than you were before

i am striving to be more than i have ever been beforeMotivation – wake up in the morning and be ready to go attack the day.  There are physical and mental sides to this so focus on both.  First, begin with your mind.  Make sure you open your mind and let yourself be better.  Be receptive to learning, recognize strengths and weaknesses, and have the positive attitude to turn those thoughts into a actions.  Then focus on your body.  A healthy body fuels the strength needed to grow each day.  Exercise is great for both your mind and body.  Try to devote 60 minutes each day to some sort of physical activity. Continue reading

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You Yourself

You have the power to control yourself and what you become.  Make sure you are using that power the right way and building yourself up.


you are responsible for your fears

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Balance with Yoga and Meditation

Use yoga to balance your mind and your body.  The benefits are amazing when you commit to a lifestyle.


Benefits of Yoga

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Don’t become negative

Why would you think negatively?  What good can it possibly do for you?  Take charge of your mind and keep any negative thoughts out.  They’re nothing but obstacles that can steal away your  joy.  Do the best you can, believe in yourself because you create your future, and realize that optimism attracts all kinds of good in the world.  Here’s to you.  #optimism


do not be your own obstacle

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Choose Happy

Your reaction to a situation has the power to change the situation all together.  It’s your choice, so choose to make the best of every situation.  Life is too short to be caught up in all the negativity and unhappiness.  It’s up to you to be happy, so Choose Happy!!!  #BeHappy


Choose Happy.

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The Power of Words

Realize that what you say and how you say it can have lasting effects on everyone you meet.  Make sure your words build people up

Be Positive – your perspective can change the world
Offer Kind Words – everyone needs support
Be Polite – deliver your message with respect
Speak Up – don’t be afraid to do what’s right
Explain how you Feel – you have that right
Listen as much as you Speak – you’ll learn a lot of new perspectives

Wise words to change the world


Raise your words, not  your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.  – Rumi

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A little perspective about yourself

Give yourself a break sometimes and don’t be your own worst enemy.  Realize things don’t have to be perfect and focus on the blessings that you have around you.


enjoy the little blessings of today

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Calm yourself

Remaining calm and being in control of yourself are the keys to rough patches.  Look for ways to control yourself.


create your own calm

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Mental Strength

Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker and writer, gives us some great thoughts on how mentally strong people act.  Each of these behaviors can help you keep focus on your end goal.

18 things mentally strong people do

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DO NOT become negative

No matter how hard things get, do not become negative.  Use your mind to make sure you are stronger than any of your challenges and rise above.  It’s the best way to dig yourself out.


Atmosphere of negativity do not become negative

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