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What is your fight song?

What is your fight songWhat are the songs that get you going?   Everybody has them, and they say a lot about you.  Are you a fighter?  Do you overcome challenges? Do you have a lot of energy?   Each of us has our own motivation and what it takes to get us going.  In today’s world, you do everything you can to pump up yourself and fight until the very end.  No one stands up for you better than you can yourself.  Use your fight song to get you going so you can go out and take on the world.

Here are a few to start with:

Eye of the tiger – Survivor
We will rock you – Queen
Mama said knock you out – LL Cool J
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Kelly Clarkson
Push It – Salt – N – Pepa
You shook me all night long – AC/DC
Enter Sandman – Metallica
Closing Time – Semisonic
Fight for your right to party – Beastie Boys

What are your fight songs?

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Attitude and the opportunities that come from it

if your mind is willing anything is possibleThe most powerful tool you have is how you control your mind.  In life, we hear people all the time talk about how things are 90% mental and only 10% physical.  That holds true in so many different ways.  Most of the time, you can will your body to do whatever your mind has convinced yourself to do.  If you use that power the right way, anything is possible for you.control your mind or it will control you Continue reading

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No excuses – JUST RESULTS

It’s time to focus on the results you want and get rid of any excuse that is holding you back. No one wants to hear about why you can’t.  Instead, let them celebrate what you have accomplished with you.


when i lost my excuses i found my results

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Survive and Advance

Getting through life’s struggles will get you to farther than you can ever imagine.


try again tomorrow

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Not impossible

Don’t put limitations on yourself.  Realize it may be hard, but put your mind to it, get it done, and prove you can do what you thought was impossible.


nothing is impossible

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Why not run

Get started.  There’s no reason why you should not.


start to be great

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Friday Fitness – Running for your life


keep running

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