DO NOT become negative

No matter how hard things get, do not become negative.  Use your mind to make sure you are stronger than any of your challenges and rise above.  It’s the best way to dig yourself out.


Atmosphere of negativity do not become negative

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Core Stretching and Strengthening with this quick Pilates Workout

A good quick sequence to strengthen, tone, and slim your core for fantastic results.  These pilates moves are great for your core and you can do them quickly and easily.  Get in the habit and you’ll see results that you will be proud to show off.

core strength

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Abs-olutely hard work – results to be proud of

These results are the motivation to keep going.  #don’t stop


Abs 3


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Self Respect

A few things today that can keep you on the right path.  #success


person you want to meet


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Get fit – Don’t Quit

Think about your goals everyday.  Be strong, work hard, and remember what you’re working for!!!



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Positive Perspective

You have the power in your mind to effect a lot of things in your daily life.  Take the things that provide you the best options, focus on those, and create the best situation for your success.  Positive perspective, keep it in mind.

Pessimest vs optimist


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Only you can control yourself, and it’s your responsibility to make the best of things for you in your life.  Don’t wait for someone to give it to you, go out and take control and make it happen.


go make things happen

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Your Voice and Your Message

Words are powerful and you can use them for a lot of things.  Make sure you understand the power your words have and how they can impact the people you meet everyday.  Are you listening to what you say and are you making the world a better place to be?


Support and inspire.  Words have great power.

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Sun Salute

Start the day with a great Yoga Sun Salute.  Use this sequence to get your mind and body in the right frame of mind to take on the day.  Practice every step and focus on breathing – inhale on upward movements and exhale on downward movements and see the benefits throughout the day.

Benefits Of Yoga – A Complete Guide

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Making the Best of It (BoFiT)

The most important things we can control are our thoughts and our actions.  By looking at things in the best possible way for yourself, you are setting yourself up to be happy.  As you can see here, we have choices about how we think.  Those thoughts lead to actions, so use those to promote yourself, be confident, and tackle every situation.  You never know where that may lead to, but it’s sure to be a surprise.


You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it | Inspirational Qu...

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