Inspirational Quotes

Some of our favorite Positive Attitude quotes. ¬†Help us build by submitting some of your favorites and we’ll feature them here:

no substitute for hard work

time is priceless

a smile is a great ice breaker

your passion gives you your life

simplicity is the greatest sophistication

there will never be another today make the best of it

problems melt away when you appreciate what you have

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you

the most important investment you can make is in your health

use your mental energy on things you can control

without your health everything else is irrelevant

look up to people that do not look down on you

make a decision to be in a good mood

invest in your future self

free hugs

being good and being better are two goals you should have

never give up

there is a lot more to winning than just the final score. what did you learn?

Do what is right, nothing more and nothing less

you know what is right in your heart

putting up a good fight is all you can ask for

right is right and wrong is anything else

Escape the prison of a negative mind

You earn respect through your actions

your focus can be as clear as you choose for it to be

don't let perfect get in the way of good

results become addictive

remember why you started

go the extra mile it's never crowded

Desire for change is greater than desire to stay the same



never lose - win or learn

you are responsible for your fears

get out of your own way

Positive is leadership

in a negative atmosphere do not become negatinve

Inner Peace

I choose to be happy

Go towards your dreams

Dreams and goals

Don't let your dreams be dreams

Allow life to flow

Add good things one at a time


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