Do You Command Respect?

Command Respect must be earnedRespect is something that always has to be earned.  It is earned by what you do.  It is earned by how you act in all different situations.  Even if you are in a position of power, you need to make sure others respect you by how you treat them.  Do you command respect?  Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you do.

  • Your Physical Presence is the first thing others notice about you. If you project an aura of confidence, people will view you that way. But how easy is it to be confident?  It takes work and practice to be confident but not cocky.  You want to be relaxed, confident, and decisive in your actions.
  • Your Actions speak louder than any words. People will notice how you treat others, so make sure you are able to treat others like you would like to be treated. And it can’t be just for show.  It needs to be authentic and real from your heart because people will see through you very quickly if it’s not authentic.
  • Your Attitude and how you react to different challenges. Do you make the best of challenging situations? Do you look for the positive in challenges.  People want to follow others that are inspiring and hopeful.
  • How you engage with others. Are you generally concerned about others? Do you positively react to their thoughts and ideas?  Are you there for them when they have troubles or concerns?  There are a lot of details in everyone’s life, and being genuinely engaged is key.  People know they can count on you, and that you generally care.
  • Doing the right thing. At the end of the day, regardless of the situation, if you do the right thing, it will always work out better. And doing the right thing might not necessarily be in your best interest, but if you do the right thing for the most people, it will be noticed.

So, to answer the question.  Do you command respect?  With a quick look at your behaviors and actions, you can determine if you are acting in a way that makes people respect you.  Would you respect yourself if you were in someone else’s shoes?  If you can objectively answer yes, then great, you’re commanding respect.

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