4 steps to success

If you are ready to challenge yourself and have really decided to make a change in your life, here are  a few ideas you can use to be successful.

1.  Set Goals, and then Hit them Out of the Park

set goals and hit them out of the parkFirst and foremost, sit down and write down your goals.  Take some time to brainstorm real and meaningful goals.  Its best if you can measure your goals, but most importantly, write down your goals and post them somewhere that you will see them each and every day.

2.  Stop Wishing, Start Doing

stop wishing start doingNow that your goals are written down, work on knocking them out of the park.  How do you do this?  The best way is to create a plan.  That’s easy, take some time and prioritize what  needs to be done, and make out a plan  then take action to complete tasks .  And when you know what you need to do, DO IT.  Don’t’ fall into the trap of hoping you can do it.  Fall into the trap of attacking those steps  every day.  As tasks are checked off your list, your actions  are moving you toward your goals


3.  Jacked up on Motivation

get all jacked up on motivationMake it your mission each day to attack your goals.  Having a great attitude is awesome and it can drive you to do things you have only dreamed of.


4.  Hard Work Required

hard work no shortcuts work for itUnfortunately, nothing comes easy,  There are no shortcuts  so the only sure way to be successful is to work like crazy, keep focused on the prize, and  fight like crazy to achieve your goals.



For example, let’s say I want to start eating healthier.  I don’t want to diet, but I want to make small gradual changes to my diet each week until I have a much healthier diet.  I begin by outlining my goals to learn about healthy eating choices, and then write down one thing that I will add to my diet each week.  After 52 weeks of being motivated, working VERY HARD, and sticking to the plan, I have successfully checked off each intermediate goal and ultimately met my end goal of a healthy eating lifestyle.

4 Steps to Success

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