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The Planking Challenge

Remember when planking was all the rage?  funny plankIt was great but the problem was that everyone was doing it to be funny.  What is the most unique place that you could be seen planking?  How could you top what you saw someone else?  Be bolder.  Go bigger.  Anything to top someone else, or at least make it funnier.


But what about this plank?  It’s one of the best exercises you can do for you body and it doesn’t take any equipment.  good plankSimply take a few minutes and plank.  That’s all you need.  It is an incredible exercise for your core, and if you focus on strengthening your core, it effects your whole body.  Are you ready to take the Planking challenge?  Try it, you will be surprised how quickly you gain strength and core stability.

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A Simple New Year’s Challenge

Welcome to the New Year.  With all of the resolutions that are out there, here’s an idea that can dramatically improve your life.

The ChallengeNew years challenge writing

Write down good things that happen to you throughout the day and put them in a jar.  When you need to, look at all of the great things that have happened to you.

It’s very easy to get caught up in your busy life, so taking this challenge can be a very refreshing view into your life.  No matter what happens, there are always positive things that you can find throughout your day, and by writing them down, you can come back and be reminded about them later.  So when it seems like the world is falling down on you, use your jar as a refreshing view of your world.

Take the challenge and let us know how you do.


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