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Why we work out

Today, tomorrow, every day is the right time to push yourself.   Make it a habit, make yourself better, and see the results that make you proud.


everyday is a good workout

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Free yourself

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  Get out of your own way, make time for yourself, set your attitude the right way, and then get going on your dream.  It’s all about you.


get out of your own way

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No Worries

Worrying does not solve anything – it only holds you back.  Teach yourself to face it, make a plan to attack it, and then you can free yourself of useless negative energy.


Don't worry map

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Yoga Stretching


stretch 3

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Positive Attitude Nation Shirts

Introducing the Positive Attitude Nation shirts.  Get one today and live in the Nation.

Men’s                                                       Woman’s

positive_attitude_nation_tshirt -mens navy         positive_attitude_nation_tshirt - womans navy


(Other colors and styles available in most sizes)

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Calm yourself

Remaining calm and being in control of yourself are the keys to rough patches.  Look for ways to control yourself.


create your own calm

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The Cross Fit life – lift it and love it

Get moving and get yourself into the best shape of your life.  Have fun, push, work hard, and enjoy the journey with these quick workouts.  And feel the results.


do it

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Mental Strength

Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker and writer, gives us some great thoughts on how mentally strong people act.  Each of these behaviors can help you keep focus on your end goal.

18 things mentally strong people do

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Just get started

It doesn’t take a lot, but it takes your commitment.  Trust yourself, start, and things will take off from there.


big things come from small starts

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Start the year off with a run

And never stop.  It can change your life.


Running to change your life

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