Losing part of you

There are some parts that you can do without.  Take the time and energy to focus yourself on improving you, your health, and your daily life.  You’ll thank yourself and you’ll feel better in so many ways.

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For the body you want

What you eat is what fuels you.  Take care, work hard, get after it everyday, and don’t settle for anything less that what you deserve.

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Eating Right

Food is the fuel of life.  Make sure your choices are smart and keep a few simple principles in mind.

Avoid any food that has a commercial

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What you can become

Dream big and believe big.  And then allow yourself to make the decision that will change your life for good.

believe six impossible things

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Workout Results

Keep motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Abs 3

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History is a great teacher

It’s a part of you, but it is not who you are.  Use the lessons that you have learned to build you into a greater power for good in the future.  Become strong and attach your new adventures because your past has prepared you to overcome the next challenges.


do not stumble over something that is behind you

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Reasons we workout

Daily improvements and testing out limits are the best things we can do to better ourselves each and every day.  #FitnessMotivation


skip an opportunity to improve

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Keep it up

Don’t forget about your new year resolutions.   You made them for the right reasons and make sure you stick to them.  It’s always good to remind yourself every so often why you decided to work so hard.  The reason is YOU.


1 year from now

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Dreaming of change and hard work

When… YOU decide you want to change.  YOU have the desire to improve.  YOU dedicate yourself to doing what you need to do.  YOU remember why you started.  YOU see daily improvements.  And YOU go the extra mile.

All of your dreams can come true because of your hard work.


Desire for change is greater than desire to stay the same

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You Yourself

You have the power to control yourself and what you become.  Make sure you are using that power the right way and building yourself up.


you are responsible for your fears

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